Open Science Group at UCSF
We are a group of UCSF students, postdocs, faculty and staff dedicated to advancing open science at UCSF through outreach, education, events, and other initiatives.

What is open science?

Open science means practicing research in a way that enables others to collaborate and contribute, and ensuring that research data, lab notebooks, research processes, and published results are properly documented and openly shared to enable reuse, redistribution and reproduction. 

Topics of particular interest to the UCSF community include:

  • protocol sharing and pre-registered research reports
  • electronic lab notebooks for better documentation and sharing
  • data management and sharing
  • best practices for software code reproducibility
  • preprints and open access publishing

Our goal is to promote open science at UCSF by:

  1. Building community among those seeking to advance open science, through the creation of opportunities for interaction and by integrating with campus partners
  2. Building support by developing new tools & resources in open science, and by championing & educating about existing resources and raising awareness